Winter story stickers


정가 $2.00

PoundCat donates 10% of profits from all its products
to relief efforts in favor of stray cats.


Stickers illustrating various moments of our cute Poundcats!

Winter story stickers

  Jingle cats, Jingle cats,

We don’t have bells but we do have a cat sleeping near us.

Patting softly its back while singing Jingle cats,

he’ll understand you because he also loves winter. 

The stickers are contoured with a white line.

you can stick them on everyday items
like stationery, your laptop or your diary.

Or you can give it to your friend, another cat lover!

In my case,
I like to put stickers on my stationery items in my desk.

I would especially recommend that
you stick small cute cats on small items
like a coverup tape case or a stapler.

Cat power grows ever stronger!


Common features
Material : PCV transparent stickers
All stickers are wrapped up un vinyl packaging.
All stickers are composed of just one sheet.