Stray cat's luck ball cap

I will make your life full of Cat, POUNDCAT

정가 $31.40

We can be the stray cat's luck.
Please be the luck of street cats.

A hat with casual embroidery,
It goes well with any clothes.



Kittens, we'll be the lucky ones to protect you.

Ivory, deep green, navy three colors



In the case of ivory,

the embroidery is changed to beige color as above in the actual product.



(back buckle)

(cotton Label)

- Hand washing is recommended as washing with a washing machine can cause shrinkage, shape distortion, and migration.
- When washing, please wash with similar colored products.
- If left in water for a long time, it may cause discoloration and discoloration.
- To prevent deformation of the product, avoid using a dryer in hot temperatures.
- When drying, lay it flat and let it dry naturally.