STAY LUCK, Bracelet


정가 $16.50



In the case of Jewelry products,
it is difficult to ship them right away because they are custom-made.

Please understand that if it is not a separate order,
it will be sent in time for the custom-made product. :)

- If there is a problem with the product,
it can be exchanged for the same product.

Please leave a message on the Q&A board within 24 hours
from the date of delivery.


In the case of STAY LUCK products, you cannot add imprints or change the contents of imprints.
If you need to add an imprint or change the contents of the imprint
Please buy the basic product.

【 Slim Type 】

You can wear it by adjusting it to the size you want to fit your wrist.
The length of the excess chain can be cut or dropped naturally for a more casual look.

Same as LLC products, it can be worn from 15cm to 18cm.

【 Basic Type 】

Basic Detail

The basic chain is a thick type, so when measuring size
Please keep a 1-2cm margin above your wrist circumference when purchasing.

Coin Detail

In the case of surgical materials, the sharpness of the engraving may look different depending on the angle.




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