(Pre-order) Live like your cat, Silver ring


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Hello 😸

This time, I made a ring project.

As always, I was inspired by cats !

I like it when cats are lying down like a melting cheese. ☺️

I also like the appearance of a cat that acts relaxed as if nothing happened when scolded.

When you have a hard time or want to rest, I hope you can live like our cat.


✔︎ How to order 

* The order period is until Mar 10th.(KST) 

* It is a custom-made product and will be shipped from the last week of every month.

I recommend you to take your time to order.
Each country may have a different arrival date.
Please understand that delivery may be delayed to COVID-19.


1.Pick the ring material.

* Silver (92.5% silver)


2.Pick a ring size.

3.Pick a ring shape.

* Engage or Flat

* Silver Engage and Flat and surgical flat are 3mm thick.

* But Surgical engage is 4mm thick only.

4.Pick imprint on the outside of the ring.

* Lazy cat image or paw image

Live like your cat text

* Please refer to the 3.Pick a ring shape picture.
You can choose the imprint regardless of the ring material.

5.Please pick customizing imprint

* Custom is $3.5 is added. Of course, you might not choose!

I created a page where can order imprint. If you want to engrave, come over there.

* If you choose to imprint, please send me the imprint phrase by email. pound_cat@naver.com



The possible number of letters.

* It is imprinted consistently in one line.

* You can mix Korean/English/Number/Special Symbols.

Korean 10

English 10

Number 11

Special symbol (Count to one, like Korean or English.)

♡ ☆ ★ and 

It's limited to what can be entered on the keyboard.