Live like your cat, Necklace


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In the case of Jewelry products,
it is difficult to ship them right away because they are custom-made.

Please understand that if it is not a separate order,
it will be sent in time for the custom-made product. :)

【 Bold Type 


【 Slim Type 

A thin surgical chain has been added that goes well with everything.
Feel the new mood.

← Bold               Slim→
Compare the two chains and choose.


size : 46cm
Material : Surgical


What's your favorite coin out of the four pendant?

Pick your cat 🐈
Coin : 3CATS / LAZY / FACE / PAW




【 How to order 】

1. Please select a type.
Type : Slim / Bold

2. Select a pendant coin.
Coin : 3CATS / LAZY / FACE / PAW

3. If you need to imprint,
please purchase additional items on the imprint purchase page.


Up to two-line imprints possible
Maximum number of imprinted characters per line:
 5 characters in Korean / 10 characters in English / 11 characters in number /
♥,♡,★,☆ Special symbols 

Please mark the line change as /.

ex ) Live like / your cat

ex ) 우리 집 리또 ♡ / 우리 집 영철 ♥



Contact us for inquiries regarding imprinting
Order number or buyer name
If you contact me by email, I will check it as soon as possible and reply to you sequentially.

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