Pre-order ✨ Making my cat DIY kit

I will make your life full of Cat, POUNDCAT

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Making my cat 💛 DIY kit

2/1~2/18 Order acceptance
It will be shipped in the last week of February.


Some of you may want to plan wisely and have a wonderful 2024 year, but we have prepared it for those who want to start relaxing like a cat.😸


Q: I'm not good at sewing, can I make it?

A: Yes! You can make it well.

Needle thread, doll design, cotton, doll eyes/nose, all ready.
Please prepare scissors✂️ to cut the thread.

I'll give you all the sewing skills and tips
You just need to follow me.

Basic Example Components
(It depends on what you choose. Kind of cat, keyring necklace)





Q: Do I need difficult sewing skills?

A: No!
You only need two rudimentary sewing to make a doll.
Very easy ! 😸




 TIP.1 All you need to do is follow the red sewing line. 

There is a red line to sew.
You just need to follow red line as it is.

 TIP.2 Don't worry! It's all marked where to put it 

The places to attach subsidiary materials such as eyes and nose are marked with black dots, so you can stick them together!



TIP.3 Long fake fur fabric, 
You can hide your some mistake.😁

It's a soft, cozy 10-15mm doll's long fake fur fabric.
Wow ! 😸
If you follow along slowly, You can make your cute cat doll.


How to Select a Making my cat DIY kit



1. First, pick a cat you like.
(The necklace keyring in the picture is optional, and the rest of the subsidiary materials such as nose, eyes, beard, and the fabric are fixed.)


✦ Cocoa
(deep brown body / yellow and black eyes / pink nose / white beard)
✦ Black bean soy latte
(gray body / blue and black eyes / brown nose / white beard)
✦ Cream
(white body / yellow, blue eyes / black nose / white beard)
✦ Latte
(latte body / black eyes / brown nose / black beard)
✦ Chocolate Latte
(latte body and ears, tail deep brown / black eyes / pink nose / black beard)
2. Pick a keyring necklace for your cat

✦ Always joy,happy,love




✦ I don't want to go to work




✦ I don't give up



✦ Ha ha ha !






You can embroider your cat with embroidery
an additional 2$.

Please order from here!




I'll show you the my cat. 😁



my pocket cute cat ~



Brush, very well ! (He likes candy)


Let's go anywhere together ~



Let's go on a picnic !



harvesting Korean rice. 😸




Estimated time required

2h ~ 2h 30m

Don't forget to stretch your neck and shoulders from time to time!

10cm (4in)