[Pre-order] Live like your cat, Necklace ( Long / 52cm )


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~December 8th.

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Shipment starts on January 6th.

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Material - Surgical Steel
It is made of surgical steel, which is also used as a medical metal, so it has less allergic reactions and strong durability. It's made of a material that has almost no discoloration, so you can wear it comfortably for a long time.

Size Recommendation -
46 cm - size just below the collarbone that goes well with neat clothes
52 cm - A slightly loose size that you can wear comfortably

How to order -

1. Please choose between Lazy and Face as the coin image.

(Face / Lazy / 3 Cats)


2. The back is imprinted as Live like your cat.
However, if you want a custom imprint (add 3 dollars), please refer to the below and send us an email. ( pound_cat@naver.com )

Up to two-line imprints possible
Maximum number of imprinted characters per line: 5 characters in Korean / 10 characters in English / 11 characters in number / 5 characters in special symbol

Please mark the line change as /.

Ex) Live like / my Rye

3. There are two lengths (46 cm / 52 cm). The sales page is different. Please check it out.