Kkomul's Limited Edition Gift Set


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Kkomoul's and Pound Cat meet, making you smile just by looking at them!
Don’t miss out on this limited edition Komulgi Edichon for Chuseok🤍

- Poster
- Card
Good mood sticker
- Forever sticker
- Edition sticker

Delivery period: sequentially shipped on September 22nd

○ 20% of sales proceeds will be donated to Kara, an animal rights organization that works to protect the rights and interests of animals. 🐶🐱 ○




○ Edition set ○

Overall composition


○  Sticker set 

Good mood 1ea + Forever sticker 1ea + Edition sticker 2ea 


In busy cities on the way home,
Cheese and fish passing between the brightly shining moon and twinkling stars.
Unlike the easy-going Cheese, our little guy...huh? My pocket money is gone! Hold on tight!

Attach it to the wall or refrigerator using masking tape in a small mini poster size.
Try framing it! You will laugh when you see the expression on Kkomouli’s mascot.

material: paper (210g)
size: B5 / 18.2 x 25.7 (cm)



This talisman card is said to help you get drunk just by holding it.

○ I happened to meet a cat in the neighborhood and it had a cat in its pocket.
○ The bus I almost missed was caught at a signal, so I was able to board it.
○ While organizing my clothes, I found an unexpected 50,000 won bill in my pocket.

Even if it's just a little happiness, it's great if it comes often in your daily life, right?
instead! Let’s be thankful for even the smallest happiness and enjoy these happiness together with Kkomouli.
(If you place it in your wallet, between books, or at the entrance, the talisman effect will increase.)

material: paper
size: 5.5 x 8.5 (cm)


Good mood sticker

A sticker that makes you smile just by looking at it!
Made of removable material, it stands out wherever you place it as a point sticker on laptops, iPads, carriers, etc.

Whether you're cooking or just watching, enjoy the cute Kkomouli wherever you go!

material: removable
size: 6.3 x 5.5 (cm)

Forever sticker

I made a lot of memes, including Kkomouli's #Ounwan #TyphoonMeme #ConstipationMeme...
Nyanganda forever! Introducing removable stickers.

It is made of detachable material, and various point stickers for laptops, iPads, carriers, etc. create a different look from the past.
If you are interested in cooking, be sure to try it together!

Material: Removable
Size: 6.3 x 5.5 (cm)


Edition sticker



The pleasant expression that comes to mind when you think of Kkomgi and Nyanganda Forever!
And we introduce a sticker pack containing fortune stickers.
The Komuli Edichon Sticker consists of one set.

Each piece has cut lines for ease of use.
Attach it to your diary, cell phone, airpod, etc. wherever you want to be with Kkomul!

material: removable
size: 10 x 17 (cm)

It will be packaged and shipped in a Chuseok limited edition Edichon package. 💌
(Ribbon color is sent randomly.)


Precautions when purchasing

① Minor wrinkles may occur during manufacturing or packaging.
② Small dots may appear during printing. The above items are not grounds for return or exchange. If you have sensitive skin, please purchase carefully.
③ Colors may vary depending on monitor specifications.