Jump jump Keyring - Cocoa


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PoundCat donates 10% of profits from all its products
to relief efforts in favor of stray cats.

PoundCat friends like running and jumping.

That’s why our key ring products feature them in full action!

Cocoa, Cheese and Black Bean: these three cats are real action heros.

They will jump and dingle-dangle on your bag or pouch.

Cocoa key ring


Cocoa runs rapidly when his owner comes back home

or he finds some bread in the kitchen.

The moment that he reaches max speed?

When his owner comes back with a fresh loaf of bread!

Common features 
All key rings are the same size.

Front side
Back side
Front side is printed and back side is transparent.

Please take off the film on both front and back sides
before using our key ring product.

There could be scratches or bubbles as seen in the photo
if you don’t remove it.

The key ring will sometimes ship without film
but will always be in new condition.