(Pre-order) Cheeese mini toy


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In the case of Jewelry/Baring toy products,
it is difficult to ship them right away because they are custom-made.

Please understand that if it is not a separate order,
it will be sent in time for the custom-made product. :)
It's good to carry around in a bag.

It's a slightly muscular poundcat mini doll.

I can be with you anywhere, so I'm the only one who doesn't have a cat now. It's an escape!

 [ Cheese mini toy ]


 Size : 1ea / 7cm x 12cm

- Material : polyester microfiber

One of charming features of Cheese is

his white belly patch surrounded by his deep yellow fur.

And his cute yellow rump…! 

Thanks to the ring attached to their heads,
you can hang these plush toys on your daily bag or pouch.
Meet our four different cats,
each of them bursting with charm, and carry them anywhere you go.