Cheese drawing notebook


정가 $6.50

PoundCat donates 10% of profits from all its products
to relief efforts in favor of stray cats.

Here at PoundCat laboratory,
we dedicated a lot of research efforts
to position our cats so as to perfectly recreate
the real shape of a fresh loaf of bread.

Finally, ta-da! Our drawing book is coming.

Blank paper drawing notebook shaped
as cute cats baking fresh bread!

Cheese drawing notebook


Do you want to eat some cheesy fresh bread? 

Cheese is baking bread for you. But it’s not free! 

You have to write or draw something

on the notebook to get Cheese-made bread. 

Common features


It’s so cute on the front side of their bread loaf position.

But what’s really charming in this product isthe back side
with our cat’s back features and their cute tails is drooping down.

Made with blank pages on which
you can freely write or draw.

We recommend that
you use this drawing notebook for your cat drawings!

Size: 17cm x 13.2cm
Cover material: hard thick cover
Inner material: vellum paper 100g (blank paper)