Sleeping Cat Coloring Kit ( 1 SET )


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Hello, we're Poundcat.

Launching a new DIY magnet kit that allows you to enjoy your hobby.

Do you want to take the sleeping cat?

(Finished products and custom-made figures are also prepared.)

Are you ready to color the cat?

Let's decorate the sleeping cat!

The cat, who is taking a nap happily, doesn't run away even if it approaches. :)

The magnet is fixed in the back, so you can use it in various ways in your daily life.

" Leave everything to me "

It can be a reliable cell phone holder on your desk.
For those who are not familiar with art and are worried, the kit includes a brush, exclusive paint, and a brochure.

In the guidebook, there are four types of Poundcat friends and how to make colors.
You don't have to worry about what color to mix!

If you paint whatever you want, you'll get the best cat.
A cute cat figure is completed with just a small accent on the ears and soles of the feet!

The main body is made of SLA material through a 3D printer, so it is lightweight and durable.

 Due to the nature of the material, it is not harmful to the human body, it is resistant to heat, and the color is well developed, so it is good to color it neatly.

You can also add additional imprints by adding the cat's name or favorite words! 
(Can be up to 7~8 characters in Korean and English except for special characters)
*Order-made rewards include imprinting by default.

Sleeping Cat DIY Magnet Kit (BASICS)

- Sleeping cat 1ea
- ALPHA Acrylic Colors 6 Colors
- 2 brushes (basic, thin brushes)
- an information booklet
- Drawing paper

Sleeping Cat Magnet (FIGURE)

For those who are not confident in coloring or want to have cute Poundcat friends, we have also prepared hand-painted figures.

1. Rhythm 

2. Tmi

3. Lord

4. Cocoa

5. Hairtail

Sleeping Cat Magnet (CUSTOM)

*The picture above is an example.

If you send us a picture of your cat, we will color the figures in a limited number. (It is a coloring custom-made type, and is the same as the existing iron puttuck cat.)

It can't be exactly the same, but I'll draw a point and color it in a cute way that's cute!
Feel the charm of each hand-made production.

Custom Magnet + Adoption Certificate + Imprinting

This is totally awesome, right? So cute!
We will also make a photo card of the cat you sent along with the completed figure.

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