STAY LUCK, ring (silver)


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- In the case of engraved jewelry products

As it is a 1:1 custom-made work,
it is not possible to exchange or return for reasons such as simple change of heart.

Please purchase carefully after checking the expected delivery date.

Please understand that it is difficult to cancel the order after confirming the order due to delay in delivery.

-If there is a problem with the product,
it can be exchanged for the same product.

Please leave a message on the Q&A board within 24 hours
from the date of delivery.

😺 πŸ‘ͺ
I carved small clovers and phrases in the hope that Stay luck will always be with my animal friends and all of us.

Stay Luck
I'll be lucky to be with you on happy and tiring days.
Good luck to everyone. 𓂃 π“ˆ’ π“‚‚π“ΈπŸ€

βœ… C HECK

In the case of STAY LUCK products, you cannot add imprints or change the contents of imprints.
If you need to add an imprint or change the contents of the imprint
Please buy the basic product.

【 Silver Type 】

【 Silver Flat Type 】

【 Silver Engage Type 】

【 Ring material 】

(In the case of surgical ring, the color may look different depending on the viewing angle. )

← Silver Surgicalβ†’


1.Choose the ring material


2.Choose your size

(If you do not write down the order size, please understand that it will be changed to a size that can be manufactured. )

3. Choose the shape of your ring.

( Engage: round-shaped curveΒ / Flat : flat straight line )

- In the case of surgical ring engraving,
the depth of engraving is shallower than that of silver rings.

Please excuse me for not being able to see clearly with the naked eye in the image


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