I will make your life full of Cat, POUNDCAT

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The printed cotton counter is made of microfiber.
Double-sided blanket that's good to use in a variety of ways!

You can use it freely indoors and outdoors.

Put a fast asleep cat on your lap!
I think I can hear the song!

Knees cat on the blanket?!

“This blanket is mine now.”

This is a review.
When I see cats with comfortable expressions...

This is definitely a favorite cat item.

- Hand wash lightly with a neutral detergent in lukewarm water under 30 degrees Celsius as it may cause shrinkage.
- When washing, please wash it with a similar color.
- Please refrain from using bleach or dry cleaning.
- If you leave it in water for a long time, it can cause discoloration and discoloration.
- Avoid using a dryer at hot temperatures to prevent product deformation.