[limited edition] Cheeese Rudolph Doll


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゚.*ο½₯q゚ π“‹ͺ β—Œ
It's great to carry around in your bag.
This is a Poundcat mini doll.
I am the only one who doesn't have a cat right now because we can take it with us everywhere.
It's escape!

Have a warm year-end with the twice as cute Cheese Rudolph!

Event Period: December 8 (Fri) ~ December 31 (Sun)

When purchasing Cheese Rudolph during this period
🎁 Exclusive 31% discount and free 3Cats doll necklace 🎁

βˆ™ Size: Size: 1ea / 7cm x 12cm
βˆ™ Material: polyester, cotton
βˆ™ Special embroidery on back <1225>

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