[ CUSTOM ] Bracelet / Necklace imprints


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Please write down the product name and size that need imprinting.
If you can't check it, we're contacting you individually by email.

Please write down the email address you can contact when ordering.

If you can't contact us, we can't register for jewelry production, so please understand in advance that the refund process or application may be delayed.

【 This page is dedicated to Bracelet / Necklace imprinting. 】

Up to two-line imprints possible
Maximum number of imprinted characters per line:
 5 characters in Korean / 10 characters in English / 11 characters in number /
♥,♡,★,☆ Special symbols 

Please mark the line change as /.

ex) Live like / your cat

ex) My house Rito ♡ / My house Yeongcheol ♥

Contact us for inquiries regarding imprinting
Order number or buyer name
If you contact me by email, I will check it as soon as possible and reply to you sequentially.

( pound_cat@naver.com )