Cheese tape set


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PoundCat donates 10% of profits from all its products
to relief efforts in favor of stray cats.

Charming masking tape with cute cat loafs

Cheese masking tape set

 Top: Cheese bread tape 

Bottom: Cheese ball tape 

Cheese likes to trick you

while playing between loafs of bread, 

When he hides his head in the bread mold,

it's a perfect camouflage! 

When he has enough,

he starts to play with his favorite pink ball. 

Made of paper material,
It's easy to tear off with the hands.

Use this cat masking tape
to decorate your diary or daily memo.

Its cute power will be reinforced
if you match it with PoundCat's memopad.

By sticking some tape on top of a memopad,
you can easily use both front and back sides of sheets.

Common features
Size: 1.5cm x 1000cm
Material: paper