7 kinds of Woo-HaHa Keyring


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PoundCat donates 10% of profits from all its products
to relief efforts in favor of stray cats.

Poundcat 7 kinds of Woo-HaHa Keyring

Woo-HaHa Keyring

Every day! You came all the way here screaming ASAP?

Poundcat's new keyring has been released.
We prepared seven speech balloons.

Have you heard or seen anything meme in your daily life?
Choose your favorite speech bubble.


( 'ω' )つ


\ \

) ) \

// \ \

(_) (_)

* bread *
* Going to work *
* Are you okay? (going be okay?) *
* Always happy *
* ASAP ( ASAP ) *
* bwahaha *
* Just me (Just me) *
For your information, please just me the only one who can do well Keyring is a cat named pado that is with us.

The new product has a film attached to the acrylic part.
Please remove the film and use it.


ㆍBread 38*39mm ㆍGoing to work 39*28mm

ㆍgoing be okay? 44*34mm ㆍAlways happy 39.5*31mm

ㆍASAP 39.5*30mmㆍbwahaha 35.4*51.6mm ㆍJust me 31.5*47.5mm

Material: acrylic

All keyrings are wrapped in vinyl packaging.
Every key ring is a piece.