First Lee know's donation / ' I love you Naviya ' in Seoul

์ผ์— POUNDCAT ๋‹˜์ด ๊ฒŒ์‹œ

Hello, I'm Poundcat. ๐Ÿ˜บโคโคโค

I'm going to share the updates of the donations supported by STAY's warm hearted support.
First of all, we organized the first round of sponsorship starting with those who completed payment and delivery at the Korean smart store where 346 people participated during the period of 3/29-4/2.

Since it's sponsored under Lee Know's name, I found a place where it means a lot to Lee Know.
I considered two options as follow: either Lee Know's sponsor in Gimpo or the "I love you Naviya" abandoned cat center in Seoul, which STAY had recommended to us through the comments.
In Gimpo, we were not able to find an abandoned cat shelter, so we raised a donation with "I love you Naviya," a place where weโ€™ve cooperated in past.



In 2018, We raised a crowdfunding with the story of Hodongโ€”a cheese cat. He was rescued in 2018 and entered the shelter as soon as he was completed with TNR surgery. Hodong ended up staying in the shelter because he was not able to find a home for him. Itโ€™s very sad that there are still many cats like Hodong out in the abandoned cat shelter.

Thankfully, many people are willing to adopt cats like Hodong from the abandoned cat shelters, just like how Lee Know adopted Do-ri !
I believe that the support from Stay will greatly help in finding a new home for abandoned cats. :) โคย 

(Even though the link below is written in Korean, I'm attaching it to show you the story of Hodong, the cheese cat and some pictures of him.)

We had gathered 10% of the first sales revenue as donation for the shelter and in addition to that, we decided to donate some more through supporting with our own money to "I love you Naviya," which is related to Lee Know's adoption story and Poundcat. In total, we successfully donated 300,000won to โ€œI love you Naviyaโ€.
Net income - 2,319,129 won
10% - 232,000


* more information *

โ‘  Tatal sales (3/29~4/2)

in smart store


โ‘ก Commission

(Paying charges

132,541 won

/Interlock commission

51,980 won)


โ‘ข Shipping costs

(346 persons /2,500 won)


โ‘ฃย Material costs

[40% of total sales

(theย unitย costย ofย production 35%

and other Material costs 5%)]


Net income

โ‘ -(โ‘ก+โ‘ข+โ‘ฃ)



Thank you so much for your valuable support. We are also looking for more future plans with Stay for continuous support for stray cats. Details are as follow:

[ Future Sponsorship Plans โœจ ]

- First Quarter Donation via Naver Smart Store (scheduled for the first week of May)
- Tumbler Buck Funding Donationโ€”Hairtail (scheduled for the third week of May)
- 2nd Round of Donation via Naver Smart Store behalf of Lee Know (to be scheduled for the first week of June)
- 1st and 2nd Round of Donation via Google Form Order (Paypal) behalf of Lee Know (scheduled for the 4th week of June)
- Tumblebuck 'Live like your cat' bracelet and necklace Donation (scheduled in early July)



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  • Thank you Poundcat!!
    The love Leeknow has for cats and then this donationโ€ฆwow makes me so happy!!๐Ÿค๐Ÿค


  • Thank you for your hard work, I am so happy to have found you and been able to support your heartfelt business~ I will forever continue to show my love to you and what you are doing!!


  • this makes me beyond happy knowing that lee know most likely knows about this. thank you! your work is truly gorgeous :)


  • Iโ€™m so happy I could be a part of this! It warms my heart knowing cats in need will get help and donating in Lee knows name feels very special as well since itโ€™s something he cares so deeply about ^^


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